CMA Hackathon


Tamil Nadu's Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (CMA) is calling out Technology Geeks & Gurus from the state and particularly Chennai to participate in the first CMA Hackathon - "Code for Urban Governance".
Put on the thinking cap and build apps for innovation in Urban Governance ! Be a part of the change you want to see using Technology as the underlying force and make things happen within Municipality Administration.

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SECTORS to focus on
  • Water, Waste Water, Solid Waste Management
  • Urban Poor
  • Streetlights, Roadways
  • Health and Sanitation
  • Civic Services

Please visit CMA Hackathon's
Wiki page on GitHub
to upload your app ideas!


  • Venue: Anna University,
    TAG Auditorium ,Chennai – 25
  • Date: 14 & 15 December, 2013
  • Time: 8:30 am – 5: 00 pm
  • Any questions on hackathon can be directed at CMAHackathon[at]thoughtworks[dot]com

About CMA Hackathon - Code for Urban Governance

Commissionerate of Municipal Administration (CMA) is responsible for the administration of 135 ULBs (Urban Local Bodies)
consisting of municipalities and corporations across Tamil Nadu.

The CMA has organised the first Hackathon - "Code for Urban Governance" to bring together the passionate community
of professionals and students to build web and mobile applications designed to improve the lives of the citizens of Tamil Nadu's municipalities.

The CMA will be publishing up-to-date data from the 135 municipalities of Tamil Nadu
on Data Portal India - in open formats for this event, and hopes to get ideas and applications
that fuel a technologically-rich and efficient future for the state's urban governance.

The 5 key themes of the hackathon are:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Sanitation
  • Birth and Death Registration
  • Civic Services


CMA Hackathon - Code for Urban Governance

14th & 15th December, 2013

AGENDA of CMA Hackathon - Code for Urban Governance (14th & 15th December, 2013)
Day 1 – December 14, 2013 Saturday
9:00 AM IST Registration of Participants and Team Formation
9:30 AM IST Inaugural address by Thiru K.Phanindra Reddy, I.A.S., Secretary to Government,

Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department, Government of Tamil Nadu
9:45 AM IST Address by the Thiru T.K. Ramachandran I.A.S., Secretary to Government,

Information Technology Department, Government of Tamil Nadu
10:00 AM IST Overview of Hackathon Themes, Rules, Expectations
10:30 AM IST Start Hacking!
01:00 pm IST Lunch
Day 2 – December 15, 2013 Sunday
12:30 PM IST Lunch and Wrap Up Hacking
02:00 PM IST Showcase Your App (Maximum 5 minutes per team-excluding Q&A)
04:15 PM IST Selection of Projects by panel of Judges:
  • Shri Vikram Kapur, I.A.S - Principal Secretary and Commissioner, Corporation of Chennai
  • Shri Sudeep Jain, I.A.S. – Chairman & Managing Director, Tamil Nadu Energy
  • Shri Rhymend Uthariaraj (TBC) – Director, RCC, Anna University
  • Thiru Chandrakanth Kamble, I.A.S., Commissioner of Municipal
  • Administration, Government of Tamil Nadu
04:30 PM IST Prize Distribution and address by Shri Vikram Kapur
05:30 pm IST Vote of Thanks by Thiru Ajay Yadav, I.A.S.,

Joint Commissioner of Municipal Administration, Government of Tamil Nadu

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1. Should I bring my own laptop?

Yes! Unfortunately, we can't provide computers. Please bring anything you'll need to code (though it's fine if you share equipment with a teammate).

2. Will there be wifi/internet?

Yes. We are working to provide wifi with internet for application development needs.

3. I am not proficient in coding, but, I have some valuable ideas that I would like to showcase. Can I be part of this hackathon?

You are most welcome to attend. There will be a lot of registrants with coding experience who will be looking for team mates.

4. What about my accommodation during the event?

There will be limited facilities to stay at Anna University hostels on sharing basis but you are free to go home and come back.
The organizers are not making explicit arrangements.

5. Should I bring any proof/confirmation for my registration?

The registration on the site is enough. You just need to show up on Dec 14th and we'll tick off your name at the registration desk.

6. Can I form my own team? Is there any limitation in team structure?

Yes, We encourage to organise your own team. A team size of 4 to 5 is ideal. Please note that everyone in the team should have registered to attend the event.

7. Are we supposed to use only the datasets available in for this hackathon?

Not necessarily. If you can build interesting ideas/apps around the existing datasets, that is great. But you are welcome to build apps, which are beyond the datasets available.
Also, we are working on adding more datasets around Tamil Nadu urban bodies.

8. What kind of additional registration is required on Dec 14?

No additional registration is required. Please bring a valid ID and you are all set.
The certification of participation would use the same name that you have registered with.

9. Can I start development of any idea prior to the hackathon?

Typically, idea formulation and basic prototype can be made ready prior to the event and further refinement can be done during
the hackathon based on inputs from the organizers so that it is aligned to the overall theme and sub-theme.

10. Would there be food available or should I bring with me?

We are organizing food coupons within Anna University Canteen along with tea/ coffee.

11. Would my travel costs be reimbursed by CMA Hackathon organizers?

Participants would have to arrange their own travel and the costs cannot be reimbursed.

12. Can I use any platform or technology for developing the applications?

Yes, you are encouraged to use any tool/platform that you are comfortable with. However, every individual is responsible
for ensuring that any tool/library used is licensed appropriately and does not have any violation of terms of use as indicated by the provider/author.

13. Do we have to complete a working application or just a prototype for the day?

While it would be good to see as many functional applications as possible, the ideas do carry a good weightage.
It is recommended that you take an idea to a working prototype. This will help others (including the respective authorities) understand your idea better.