Get data of Performance of Key HMIS Indicators for the upto district level. Main HMIS indicators for Other are Adult Female Inpatients to Total Adult Inpatient, Children Inpatient to Total Inpatient, Female Inpatient Deaths to Total Inpatient Deaths, IPD, OPD, Major Operations, Hysterectomy Surgeries , Ayush OPD, Dental OPD, HIV Positive, Plasmodium Vivax test positive and Plasmodium Falciparum test positive.
National Family Health survey (NFHS) provides updates and evidence of trends in key population, health and nutrition indicators, including HIV prevalence. Moreover, the survey covers a range of health-related issues, including fertility, infant and child mortality, maternal and child health, perinatal mortality, adolescent reproductive health, high-risk sexual behavior, safe injections, tuberculosis, and malaria, non-communicable diseases, domestic violence, HIV knowledge, and attitudes toward people living with HIV.
The catalog contains data regarding various indicators of HMIS like Health, Abortions, Immunisation, AEFI, Adolescent, Bite, Sting, Disease, Diarrhoeal, Hypertension, HIV, AIDS, Malaria, Neurological, Stroke, Fever, Respiratory, Infection, suicide, Trauma, Accident, Burn, Tuberculosis, VHND, ASHA, JSY, CHC, PHC, SDH, DH, Hospital.


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